Twinning McGillivray Blvd

Increasing traffic volumes, in part because of commercial and industrial development along McGillivray, means that twinning is being considered in the short to medium term.

The Province of Manitoba owns McGillivray (Provincial Trunk Highway 3) west of Brady Road. The City owns McGillivray east of Brady Road.

The Province of Manitoba is conducting a study to develop a design for the twinning of McGillivray (Provincial Trunk Highway 3) . The plan will consider TWO corridor alignments:

  1. the existing alignment to connect to McGillivray Boulevard and
  2. a realignment to connect to Bishop Grandin Boulevard (proposed Abinojii Mikanah) NOTE: look closely as this proposed alignment is south of Whyte Ridge and north of Bridgwater Lakes & Bridgwater Forest.

The Province is seeking public input on the two proposed designs: Design study. The input will be incorporated into a study that will take approximately one-and-a-half years to complete and ultimately present a preferred alignment.

Please provide any comments you have in this survey:


For additional information, please contact:

Lauren Lange

Engagement Lead


T: 204-259-1919