Whyte Ridge Community Centre opens new accessible fitness park

(Photo credit: Global News)

Thank you to both the President, and Director of Whyte Ridge CC, Curtis and Chris, and Nino from Movement Generation Inc. for helping to bring this project to fruition. What a great addition to the park for all to enjoy!

Thank you also to Global News for covering this story-

A new way for people with accessibility issues to get active in Winnipeg has opened at the Whyte Ridge Community Centre.

The new Whyte Ridge Accessible Fitness Park was officially opened on Saturday.

“We have all ages and we want folks of all ages to enjoy this,” said Coun. Janice Lukes.

The park was first discussed in 2015, received funding last year and was built in just a few weeks.

All the exercises are performed primarily with your own body weight. The park has been built specifically for people with accessibility issues.

“I think one of the best features is that it’s accessible for anyone in a wheelchair. It’s completely accessible and designed for being in a wheelchair,” said Lukes.

Lukes hopes having quick and easy access to the new space will encourage people to give it a try.

“If people are walking by and if they’re waiting for their kids, they can come do a little workout for 10 to 15 minutes, maybe fall in love with it and come more often,” Lukes said.

The cost to open the park was $50,000 while another $15,000 was donated to make the community centre accessible.